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Play - Earn - Trade

Your gateway to a more rewarding gameplay experience.

Fortnite Enforcer


Fortnite Battle Royale

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Crypto based on skill

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Across a Marketplace

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Welcome to the Leaderboard!

This is your hub to track your gameplay performance, claim the crypto you've earned (called PMX), and see how you stack up against other players. 

Marketplace Background.png


The Marketplace is open to all!

Use it to explore digital collectibles and the communities behind them. Once you find one you like, hit the purchase button to spend that PMX you've been earning!

Mint Background.png


Put on your creative hat!

The Mint is your place to contribute to the PlayerMint ecosystem by creating your very own NFTs.

Just upload an image, set its properties, and put it up for sale!

Mint NFTs.png
Profile Background.png


Customize your Profile and show off your favorite PFP!

This is your space to call home, check out the NFTs you own, and put them up for sale.

Mint NFTs.png

Testnet is Live!

Help us battle test the PlayerMint experience before our full launch.

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