Welcome to the ShadowRealm

Play-to-Earn Meets TCG



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ShadowRealms is bringing true asset ownership to the world of trading card games through the Cardano blockchain. Your ShadowRealms NFT cards will be used to battle for power, glory, and SHDR tokens when their beta launches. Multiples of the same card will be able to fuse together to increase card stats and burn supply. 

Steps to Mint


Open your self-custody wallet that contains a Founder NFT. 

Make sure it is not an exchange wallet!


Locate the mint address for the color of Founder NFT you have. 

There are 13 total different NFTs that can be minted.


Send 36 ADA to the proper mint address. As long as you hold 1 Founder you can mint as many NFTs as you'd like. 

1 NFT per transaction, 12 ADA sent back with NFTs.


Dragon Packs

6 NFTs included in each 36 ADA purchase

Green Dragon

Purple Dragon

Mint has ended!

Only send 36 ADA from a wallet containing the correctly colored Founder NFT.


There are 13 unique cards that can be minted. 7 of these can be minted by either address while there are 3 unique cards that can only be minted by green and 3 by purple. 


Feel free to join our Discord to ask any questions!