Welcome to the ShadowRealm

Play-to-Earn Meets TCG



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ShadowRealms is bringing true asset ownership to the world of trading card games through the Cardano blockchain. Your ShadowRealms NFT cards will be used to battle for power, glory, and SHDR tokens when their beta launches. Multiples of the same card will be able to fuse together to increase card stats and burn supply. 

Steps to Mint


Open your self-custody wallet that contains a Founder NFT. 

Make sure it is not an exchange wallet!


Locate the mint address for the color of Founder NFT you have. 

There are 13 total different NFTs that can be minted.


Send 36 ADA to the proper mint address. As long as you hold 1 Founder you can mint as many NFTs as you'd like. 

1 NFT per transaction, 12 ADA sent back with NFTs.


Dragon Packs

6 NFTs included in each 36 ADA purchase

Green Dragon

Purple Dragon

Only send 36 ADA from a wallet containing the correctly colored Founder NFT.


There are 13 unique cards that can be minted. 7 of these can be minted by either address while there are 3 unique cards that can only be minted by green and 3 by purple. 


Feel free to join our Discord to ask any questions!


Is there a royalty on the NFTs?

Yes! There will be a 2.5% royalty on these NFTs that goes to the ShadowRealms team.

How Can I Mint?

1. Head to shadowrealmscnft.com, playermint.com, or our Discord on 1/3/21 to 1/24/21 at 23:00 UTC
2. Locate the mint address or button
3. Send 36 ADA from a wallet containing a Founder NFT to the associated color address
4. You will receive 6 ShadowRealm NFT cards and 12 ADA back

Why are there Two Mint Addresses?

NFT-Maker Pro offers sales conditions for mints based off of Policy IDs. This allows us to offer this mint just to Founder holders. Because we have 1 policy ID for Green Founders and 1 for Purple we need to offer a mint address for both.

What is the Refund Policy?

All of the following purchases will be refunded automatically:

- Incorrect amount of ADA sent
- ADA sent when the full supply has already been minted
- ADA sent from a wallet without a Founder or incorrect Founder color

What Wallets Can I Use to Mint the NFTs?

You can use any Shelly era Cardano based wallet that supports NFTs. The most popular and recommended wallets are:
- Daedalus
- Yoroi
- Nami
Be sure NOT TO submit transactions from an exchange like Binance or Coinbase. This will result in a loss of the NFT.

How many NFTs can I mint?

Anyone holding a Founder NFT can mint as many as they'd like from the available supply. We looked into a sales condition on NFT-Maker Pro that enables minting at a 1:1 ratio based upon owned NFTs. Because these NFTs are coming in packs of 6 this sales condition was not viable. We will look into utilizing it in future Founder mints.

Can I Buy Multiple Packs in 1 Transaction?

No, unfortunately not. We decided to reduce complexity on the back end by making it one pack per one transaction. You can however mint as many as you'd like by submitting multiple transactions!

Be sure to submit transactions from self-custody wallets like Daedalus, Yoroi, and Nami. DO NOT submit transactions from an exchange!

Is Each NFT Unique?

There are 13 unique card types that can be minted. 7 of these can be minted by either address. 3 of these can only be minted by the green address and 3 of these can only be minted by the purple address.

The only difference for each card type is the number at the end of the NFTs name (example: PurpleDragon126) and the mint address used. The green mint address will produce cards with a green border and the purple mint address will produce cards with a purple border.

Each card type will slowly be revealed as we progress toward the mint on the 3rd at 23:00 UTC.

Do the NFTs Have Utility?

Yes! Each NFT will be usable in ShadowRealms, a trading card game on Cardano that will allow you to battle other players with your cards and earn SHDR tokens.

Later on in development the cards will also be able to fuse together creating a reduction in supply but increasing individual card stats.

What is the Supply Breakdown?

The max NFT supply will be 42k and sold in packs of 6. There will be 12k under the purple mint address and 30k under the green mint address.

The PlayerMint and ShadowRealms team will mint a total of 120 green cards (20 packs) and 60 purple cards (10 packs). Whatever is not minted by the end of the three week window will be cut from total supply

How Can I Learn More About ShadowRealms?

You can learn more about this exciting project through these links:

- https://twitter.com/ShadowRealmsNFT
- https://www.shadowrealmscnft.com/
- https://discord.gg/29kqH57ERd