Founder  NFTs

NFTs with a focus on utility

Before You mint


Do not send ADA from an exchange wallet. Only use up-to-date self custody wallets like Daedalus, Yoroi, and Nami.


If you send the wrong amount of ADA or at a time when all NFTs have been minted your ADA will be refunded.


Send the exact amount of ADA to the mint addresses (there will be one for green and one for purple). If you want multiple NFTs complete multiple transactions.


Your NFT will begin the process of minting as soon as your transaction is complete. This may take a few moments, but your NFT will arrive!


Let's Mint!

5,000 Total

2,000 Total



28 ADA

35 ADA

Be sure to send the exact amount of ADA from a self-custody wallet! 1 transaction = 1 NFT. Submit multiple transaction for multiple NFTs.

All art credit goes to Annie Weatherwax and Backwards Geometry.



Perks for Founder NFT holders will continue to be added over time as PlayerMint evolves. Below are some of the perks lined up now:

  • Early access to the PlayerMint core product and earning/buying PMX, the token of PlayerMint 


  • Founder Profile on


  • First access to future NFT drops including PlayerMint pfp project & game assets


  • Access to Founder only Tournaments 


  • Access to Cardano Craft treasure hunt and first land mint  


There is one utility that is exclusive to the Purple Founder NFT:

  • PlayerMint Pro for the current holder (access to larger play-to-earn PMX prize pool)

Cardano Craft

cc1 1.png

CNFT Treasure Hunt

PlayerMint Founder NFT holders will gain early access to the Cardano Craft server for a CNFT treasure hunt. CNFTs will be hidden in blocks throughout the map for players to mine.

Land Mint

Following the treasure hunt, NFT land parcels will be minted that give the owner the ability to build on top of the land. Founder NFT holders will gain first access to the land mint. The cost will be only the price of minting the NFT.

cc2 1.png

Community Onboarding

The PlayerMint team will work to onboard the Cardano community to display their projects, CNFT collections, and immerse themselves in a shared virtual space. Provided is list of participating projects that will continue to grow. 


Annie Weatherwax

Annie spent her early career sculpting super heroes and cartoon characters for George Lucas Films, DC comics, Pixar, Nickelodeon and others. She was the 2009 winner of the Robert Olen Butler Prize for Fiction and her writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Southern Review, and elsewhere. Her first novel All We Had was turned into a motion picture starring Katie Holmes. Annie is currently writing and exploring the NFT world.


Backwards Geometry

Backwards Geometry is an abstract art project based in Brazil, created by Michael W. on the Cardano Blockchain that encompasses multiple types of media, from painting to 3D modeling. Although the project started in April  on Cardano, Michael has been a visual artist, musician, and music producer for the last 10 years.