Become a Founder

Welcome to PlayerMint's very own NFTs! These digital assets are all about providing exclusive utility to those that hold them. 

Green Founder NFT

Green Founder NFT

Purple Founder NFT

Purple Founder NFT

Product Utility

Being Developed
PlayerMint Beta

Founder NFT holders have early access to earning PMX during the PlayerMint Beta phase.

PlayerMint Pro

Those holding a Founder NFT will have a profile that highlights their Founder ownership.

Founder Profile

Purple Founder NFT holders will benefit from PlayerMint Pro, giving them access to an additional prize pool of PMX to earn from. Note that any player can achieve Pro by holding enough PMX.

Community Utility

Iron Gramps.png
Purple Founder Dragon.png

Founder Mints

PlayerMint focuses on collaborating with other projects. This has led to the creation of Founder Mints, which are NFTs that can only be minted by Founder holders.

The latest collaborations are with Michael Walker and ShadowRealms.


PlayerMint regularly holds tournaments in games like Fortnite and Rocket League with crypto based rewards. These tournaments are open to anyone but Founder holders will earn additional rewards.

Rocket League Tourney.png
Fortnite Skin 2.png
cNFT Role Buddy

Founder Channels

Every Founder holder is able to obtain a role in the PlayerMint Discord. This role provides them exclusive access to channels with voting, giveaways, and crypto earning activities.


Welcome to CardanoCraft! The Minecraft-esque world with crypto integration so you can truly own the land you build on.

CardanoCraft utilizes the open source Minetest engine.

CardanoCraft Land.png

Own your Piece of the World

To Be Developed

With NFTs, players can own pieces of the CardanoCraft world. Now you can own and sell your virtual getaway fully backed by the blockchain.

To Be Developed

A Different Kind of Block Mining

You may have heard of Bitcoin mining as a means to make money, but what about mining blocks in-game? Founder holders can partake in our treasure hunt where they can earn NFTs by mining.

CardanoCraft Block.png
CardanoCraft Pickaxe.png
Minetest Castle.jpg

Participate in the Beta


While PlayerMint builds the crypto integration into Minetest, players will have the chance to participate in the Beta! This is a server that will be open to the Cardano community to build, destroy, explore, and participate in events to earn crypto.  

Built By

Backwards Geometry
Annie Weatherwax