How can I buy a Founder NFT?

Anyone is able to buy a Founder NFT by sending ADA from a self-custody wallet to either of the mint addresses provided. Here is the standard flow:

  1. Head to our Home Page or Discord at 21:00 UTC on 10/23
  2. If you want to mint a Green NFT send 28 ADA to the associated address. If you want to mint a Purple NFT send 35 ADA to the associated address
  3. The NFTs will be minted upon your confirmed transaction. This may take a few moment so please have patience!

What is the difference between the Green and Purple Founder NFTs?

The main difference is that Green Founder NFTs have a supply of 5,000 where as Purple Founder NFTs have a supply of 2,000. Beyond that Purple Founder NFTs provide one additional piece of utility: permanent PlayerMint Pro to the current holder.

PlayerMint Pro is useful once our core product goes live. It will provide increased payouts of PMX based off of gameplay performance through access to the Pro Prize Pool. It will also provide social benefits through a special "Pro Only" marketplace filter and founder profile icon.

Is there benefit to buying multiple Founder NFTs?

Yes! Founder NFT utility will stack up. For example "First access to future NFT drops including PlayerMint pfp project & game assets" will be duplicated for each Founder NFT you own.

Of course things like "Founder Profile on PlayerMint.com" will not stack as the Founder Profile will already be applied to your account if you own one Founder NFT.

Can I buy multiple Founder NFTs in one transaction?

No, unfortunatetly not. We decided to reduce complexity on the back end by making it one NFT per one transaction. You can however mint as many as you'd like by submitting multiple transactions!

Be sure to submit transactions from self-custody wallets like Daedalus, Yoroi, and Nami. DO NOT submit transactions from an exchange!

What is the utility of the Founder NFTs?

Here are the utilities for both Green and Purple Founder NFTs:

  • Early access to the PlayerMint core product and earning/buying PMX, the token of PlayerMint
  • Founder Profile on PlayerMint.com
  • First access to future NFT drops including PlayerMint pfp project & game assets
  • Access to Founder only Tournaments
  • Access to Cardano Craft treasure hunt and first land mint
  • Founder channels in the PlayerMint Discord
Here is the utility for ONLY Purple Founder NFTs:
  • Permanent PlayerMint Pro for the current holder

What wallets can I use to purchase the Founder NFTs?

You can use any Shelly era Cardano based wallet that supports NFTs. The most popular and recomended wallets are:

If you are going to use Daedalus be sure to open up the wallet ahead of time so it can synch with the blockchain before the mint occurs! Only fully synched Daedalus wallets can submit transactions.

Be sure NOT TO submit transactions from an exchange like Binance or Coinbase. This will result in a loss of the NFT.

Is there a Royalty on the Founder NFTs?

Each Founder NFT has a 2.5% royalty on it through the CIP-027 standard. This royalty is based in the metadata of the NFT and is up to secondary marketplaces like CNFT.io and Tokhun to enforce.

Is each Founder NFT unique?

The main visual difference between the Founder NFTs is their color. That being said any two Green or Purple Founder NFTs will look identical. Each Founder NFT will have its associated mint number, for example "GreenFounder1" or "PurpleFounder900". The main focus of these NFTs is their utility, and the access they provide. The amazing artwork done by Annie Weatherwax and Backwards Geometry is to compliment this utility.

What is the refund policy?

All of the following purchases will be refunded automatically:

  • Incorrect amount of ADA sent
  • ADA sent when the full supply has already been minted
If you have any problems getting your refund or have questions please reach out to us and we will work with you to a solution!

What is the Founder NFT supply breakdown?

There will be 5,000 Green and 2,000 Purple Founder NFTs. The PlayerMint team will keep 75 Green and 25 Purple Founder NFTs to give to the team as well as provide for giveaways and fund community events like gaming tournaments.

If you have any more questions please feel free to join our Discord and ask!

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